Food industry

Machines, equipment and lines for the food industry. A wide range of products from simple storage tanks to sophisticated production lines.


Chemical industry

Process and storage tanks. Mixing, heating, cooling, dosing. Equipment for solvent regeneration, rectification, distillation.

Pharmaceutical industry

Special equipment according to customer requirements, manufactured according to the strictest hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Industry 4.0 

IO-Link worldwide open standard

Currently, an important direction in industrial automation is the integration of Industry 4.0 solutions and IO-Link technology. Our company AEH spol. s ro uses these advanced technologies to optimize production processes, increase efficiency and ensure higher food safety standards. IO-Link provides a highly efficient interface for communication between sensors and actuators, enabling fast data exchange and easy integration into existing systems. This technology enables better diagnostics of devices, prevention of failures and reduction of operating costs. Discover the future of automation with us and increase the competitiveness of your business using intelligent solutions from AEH.

Objavte viac


Go beyond traditional production. How to turn milk and whey into a superfood?


Providing comprehensive support from the design phase to thorough testing

návrh technologického riešenia (P&ID diagram, analýza, konzultácie)

strojárstvo (výkresy, 3D modely, zoznamy dielov)

elektrotechnika (projektovanie rozvádzačov a priemyselná automatizácia)

výroba strojov a zariadení (vlastná výroba nám umožňuje plne sa prispôsobiť vašim požiadavkám a potrebám)

automatizácia (programovanie riadiacich systémov - PLC, vizualizácia procesov, frekvenčné meniče, automatizácia procesov ako váženie, dávkovanie, plnenie a pod.)


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