Vacuum distillation as a modern method of distilling fruit kvass

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Vacuum distillation as a modern method of distilling fruit kvass
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Vacuum distillation as a modern method of distilling fruit kvass


Traditional methods of distilling fruit kvass have a long history, but nowadays a progressive alternative is coming to the fore - vacuum distillation. This innovative technology brings significant advantages in terms of the quality and character of the resulting spirits. AEH, a leading manufacturer of equipment for the food industry, offers modern vacuum distillation solutions that push the boundaries of distilling.

Principles of vacuum distillation

Vacuum distillation uses the physical principles of reduced pressure to achieve effective distillation at lower temperatures compared to classical methods at atmospheric pressure. This process allows the preservation of natural flavours and aromas of raw materials, as they do not degrade due to high temperatures. The result is distillates with higher purity, softness and authentic character.

Benefits of distillation at lower temperatures

Lower distillation temperatures have a major impact on the quality of fruit spirits. Thanks to a gentler process, unwanted flavors caused by high temperatures such as burns or bitterness are eliminated. Distillates retain their natural freshness and complexity of tastes and aromas, which will be especially appreciated by demanding consumers. Vacuum distillation thus opens the door to the production of high-quality and unique spirits.

Technological aspects of vacuum distillation

AEH offers state-of-the-art vacuum distillation equipment that integrates distillation, rectification and vacuum environment into one compact whole. These state-of-the-art instruments are fully automated and enable precise process control, guaranteeing consistent results with each batch. Thanks to advanced technologies, it is possible to achieve optimal distillation parameters and maximize the quality of the final products.

Use of vacuum distillation in practice

Vacuum distillation finds application in the production of a wide range of fruit spirits, from traditional spirits to innovative experiments. Producers who have used this technology appreciate its ability to capture the essence of raw materials and create distillates with an unmistakable character. Distillers see in vacuum distillation significant potential for innovation and development of new, interesting products.

Wider application of vacuum distillation

In addition to distilling, vacuum distillation is also widely used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Its principles can be applied to the processing of various raw materials and substances, where it is desirable to preserve thermolabile compounds and achieve high product purity. Research and development in this area is constantly advancing and brings new possibilities for the use of this progressive technology.


Vacuum distillation is a modern and efficient way of producing fruit spirits, which brings significant advantages in terms of quality and character of the resulting products. Thanks to lower distillation temperatures, natural tastes and aromas are preserved, unwanted flavors are eliminated and higher purity of distillates is achieved. As a leading manufacturer of vacuum distillation equipment, AEH offers advanced solutions that push the boundaries of distilling and open up new possibilities for innovation. For producers and enthusiasts of quality spirits, vacuum distillation is an attractive choice that allows them to create truly exceptional and memorable products.

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